The 10% Toolkit

The 10% Toolkit

In our mission to develop The 10% Coach, Coach and Coordinator pledges to source the latest and greatest products and services available in the coaching marketplace. We call this repository The 10% Toolkit for The 10% Coach. These resources are proven to help coaches win games and achieve all objectives for their programs. Think of it as a buyers guide for vendors and suppliers we trust with our seal of certification.

We have spoken in detail with many coaches who use these tools successfully in order to designate them as “Certified”. As important, we certify the men and women behind the products who run these companies. While we cannot vet their financial statements, we vet these entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, and service providers to ensure they are 10% people. And like us, they are warriors for the game.

We recognize there are hundreds of organizations serving football coaches every day, and we look forward to qualifying additional companies as we build out this 10% Toolkit over time. This set of tools is dynamic in nature and will evolve as new ideas emerge and new products come to market. But rest assured, we will never be a NASCAR. We will never smash a hundred stickers on our podcast simply because a sponsor pays us to. In some cases, we may earn a small commission for our review, but our testimonial is genuine. We truly believe these companies align with the values of The 10% Coach.

So explore these pages for helpful tips, a winning edge, and special promotions for Coach and Coordinator Podcast listeners.

Analytics Software

Battle-tested, Modern Football’s platform provides real-time self-scout and opponent tendencies, while eliminating manual tagging into HUDL, DV Sport, and XOS. Trusted by teams at every level, see how top coaches leverage this platform for in-game decision making and play-calling success.

Playbook Software

FirstDown PlayBook is a coaching tool and program management system with over 35,000 customizable plays, defenses, and special teams schemes. With tools such as video pairing, practice scripts, scouting reports, and more, it organizes your program all in one place.


Vertical Raise offers multiple fundraising solutions that utilize email, text messaging, and social media to exponentially increase the reach of your fundraiser. The foundation of their success is built upon best-in-class email deliverability, detailed tracking, and complete personalization.

Championship Rings

Signature Championship Rings is a leading designer and supplier of championship rings, serving over 10,000 teams and organizations. When the long hours of the season culminate in a championship, celebrate the achievement with a high-quality and affordable championship ring.
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