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Battle-tested, Modern Football’s platform provides real-time self-scout and opponent tendencies, while eliminating manual tagging into HUDL, DV Sport, and XOS. Trusted by teams at every level, see how top coaches leverage this platform for in-game decision making and play-calling success.

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Why we like it

Modern Football Technology is practical analytics software for coaches looking to improve their game preparations and in-game performance. Here is why we like it:

  1. We like that it has multiple use cases, making it budget friendly. With one purchase, coaches gain a tool to improve a variety of functions, including self-scout, practice plans, game plans, and game-day decision making.
  2. We like the significant time savings that it provides to coaches. With this platform, coaches can streamline workflows and optimize their self-scouts, which is often an undervalued and underutilized aspect of a post-game review for coaches in a time crunch. Coaches can now count on simple and accurate data received earlier than ever before. Because the data is immediately available, coaches can start their weeks with this information and ask themselves better questions which leads to formulating better plans for the next week. These insights tell coaches a lot about their teams and how opponents view them, helping coaches conceive more time-efficient plans for practice and to carry into game day.
  3. We like that it generates in-game reports. Coaches can drag and drop their call sheets into Modern Football Technology and track anything they want on every play – down, distance, hash, yard line, play number in the series, offense/defense faced, motion, run/pass, protection/blocking scheme, play result, etc. The software can then predict your optimal next play.
  4. We like that the coach still has agency. The human is still in control. Modern Football Technology computes a recommendation, but the coach still makes the call. The art of play calling remains, but now with better information with which to make decisions.
  5. We like that it’s well-suited for all coaches, whether they are on offense or defense, and whether they have an existing technology plan or are new adopters of current trends. After only one hour of onboarding, any coach, regardless of technology acumen, is up and running.

coach grabowski says...

“I’ve always been interested in the use of technology to make our jobs more efficient and effective. And now as rules are changing at all levels of play, most, if not all, coaches are now permitted to have technology in the press box for real-time intelligence and predictive analytics on game day.

I like Modern Football Technology because it is relatively inexpensive and the user interface is very intuitive. It’s just a few taps on a tablet to get data entered and gain useful insights, in-game, in real-time.

The more people who embrace this technology will make the game better. It improves play calling, makes the game more entertaining, and results in a better experience for everyone involved. I see it as something that enhances our game without taking away human input. The machine might tell you what play to run, but you still have your gut feel to consider. Humans still make the decisions – we just have better information now to make those decisions. Modern Football Technology is hugely beneficial for the growth of the game of football.”

– Keith Grabowski, Host of Coach and Coordinator Podcast

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Coach Testimonials

I believe in the principle of statistics, the principle of probabilities… What Modern Football Technology has done is make your breakdowns and percentages real-time… What has never been done before is the real-time analytics. We all have historical data that we’re using to base our [game plans]… Having real-time analytics that can be updated as the game progresses is next-level stuff, and they’re on the cutting-edge. It’s something everybody can benefit from.”

It made a huge positive impact on me as an offensive play caller because I had data in my ear through the headset and at halftime when I could actually get my eyes on it... It was huge for us to be able to win a couple tough football games... Modern Football Technology was a big part of winning some of those games. We got touchdowns in situations where we needed touchdowns, and that was driven by the data on that platform.”

[Modern Football Technology] has benefited our staff efficiency in terms of our workflow. It’s cut off hours on the front end and the back end of weeks. And so, from a quality of life perspective, guys get to go home earlier. And then, we also get to see, in real-time, how quickly things can adjust for what we're doing and how we're preparing for things… So it optimizes our workflow a lot better. That’s one of the better things about the product”

Podcast Episodes

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Tom Herman, head coach at Florida Atlantic University, opines on all things technology, what’s useful, what’s not, and how he stays ahead of trends to stay ahead of the competition.
Six-time Texas state champion Lake Travis High School deploys Modern Football Technology to harness the power of analytics to save time while gaining a competitive advantage.