A Modern Approach to Play Calling – Jordan Irsik, Defensive Coordinator, Folsom High School (CA)

A Modern Approach to Play Calling – Jordan Irsik, Defensive Coordinator, Folsom High School (CA)

In this episode, Jordan Irsik dives into how he utilizes technology to help optimize in-game decision making, adjustments, and play calling, as well as preparations throughout the week.

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Jordan Irsik is the new defensive coordinator at Folsom High School, a five-time California state champion including in 2023. Coach Irsik moves back to the Bulldogs staff after serving as head coach and offensive coordinator at El Capitan High School last season.

In this episode, Coach Irsik discusses the technology tools he used last season at El Capitan to help optimize in-game decision making and preparations throughout the week. He now brings these solutions and workflows with him to the defensive side of the ball at Folsom in 2024.

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Show Notes:

>Employing Technology in Offensive Play Calling
>Balancing Technology and Human Decision-Making
>Preparation and Workflow for Utilizing Technology
>Using Analytics for Play-Calling Decisions
>Leveraging Concept Efficiency Percentage
>Integrating Technology into Weekly Game Planning
>Game Plan Adjustments Based on Real-Time Data
>Utilizing Technology in Between Series
>Transitioning Technology to Defensive Coaching

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