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Coach and Coordinator Podcast Partner prospectus and Interest Form

In 2017, we plugged in our microphone for the first time. And in less than seven years, Coach and Coordinator Podcast has earned over 10 million downloads and ranks in the top 3% of all podcasts in terms of audience size, according to Chartable – the podcast industry’s equivalent of the Billboard music charts. Coach and Coordinator Podcast consistently ranked as a top performer again in 2023, reaching as high as #145 in the saturated sports category.

We are a proven platform and growing brand. And we invite you to connect with our engaged audience and partner with us to amplify your success stories.

The audience, predominantly male, ages 18 to 45, features The 10% Coach and industry participants aspiring to be a 10% Coach. This class of coach possesses a growth mindset and is aggressive when investing in tools to help him, his players, and his program reach full potential of performance.

Keith Grabowski, the podcast host, enjoyed a 27-year career in coaching, including stints as a high school head school and an offensive coordinator at the college level. After leaving the sidelines, Coach Grabowski instantly became one of the most trusted resources for coaching development in the profession.

We don’t just sell ads. We sell access to our audience through our stories. We have sponsorship options that integrate your company into our content every Monday through Friday during the year. Download our partner prospectus for an overview of our platform, how it can assist in realizing your marketing objectives, as well as directly connect to your target audiences.

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