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Signature Championship Rings is a leading designer and supplier of championship rings, serving over 10,000 teams and organizations. With a focus on quality craftsmanship, easy team ordering processes, and affordability, Signature Champions celebrate every champion and their achievements, making their moment last a lifetime.

Company Contact:

Signature Championship Rings
Phone: 1 (800) 273-8124
Email: [email protected]
Twitter/X: @signaturerings

Why We Like It

Signature Championship Rings, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, designs and supplies rings to teams celebrating championship seasons. Here is why we like it:
  1. We like the company’s strong reputation and proven track record of success. For two decades, Signature Champions has crafted more than 800,000 rings for over 10,000 high school teams, college teams, and bowl game winners.
  2. We like that their rings are extremely affordable but don’t sacrifice quality standards. Signature Championship Rings are an incredible value buy. Their design team helps coaches tell the unique story for their season in a personalized ring at a price point any program can afford. Coaches are now able to commemorate championship moments for all players, coaches, and support personnel. And master craftsmen create every custom ring backed by the industry’s best lifetime warranty.
  3. We like their commitment to first-class customer service. The Signature Champions team is a great collaborator on design ideas and the many opportunities for customization. Using the latest 3D design technology, they can typically provide artwork changes within hours. After a team settles on the perfect design, they remain in close communication every step of the way until the order is finalized.
  4. We like that they have many repeat customers. Many of the coaches we have interviewed who partner with Signature Championship Rings have used them more than once to fulfill their ring orders. Those renewals validate the work of Signature Champions and are the best endorsement for their product and service.
  5. We like the ring designer on the company’s website. In addition to being a tool for coaches recently winning championships to ring shop, the ring designer can help coaches at the beginning of the season or even the offseason. We all aspire to be champions. And now coaches can leverage the ring designer feature at to mockup a ring during the preseason as a motivational totem for teams with championship aspirations. The ring image becomes a tangible symbol to help teams visualize achieving the goals they have for their season.

Coach Grabowski Says...

“It’s important to celebrate our accomplishments in life. Too often as coaches, we feel the pull to keep grinding and turn the page quickly on a game or even an entire season. So I make it a point to encourage coaches to slow down and celebrate each season. And if ever there is a time to stop and celebrate, a championship run is it.

We’re excited to connect coaches with a vendor we trust to commemorate their championship moments. The coaches we’ve spoken with about Signature Championship Rings all cite the company’s reputation, service experience, and affordability as key reasons why they’ve earned the business of those teams. Rings are not out of reach for your team. Signature Champions can help your coaches and players celebrate your accomplishment for the rest of your life.”

– Keith Grabowski, Host of Coach and Coordinator Podcast

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Coach Testimonials

We won that first state championship, and within two or three days on my front porch was a package from [Signature Championship Rings]… I believe in giving people a chance, especially if they have a good product. So I reached out, and man, they are super affordable. They are reputable because they do a ton of bowl games around the country… And they really go in detail about what the ring looks like, what the size looks like, what you want to engrave on the inside. So they do everything first-class and affordable. And so, that's all a win for us.”

[Signature Championship Rings] had a lot of options for customization. They were very, very responsive with us, and looking at a couple of designs, the price point was right for our program. So they won us that first year, and they took amazing care of us. And we’ve gone back every single year… We've usually been able to get everything designed together under a week, and then we've been able to get the ordering process online done smoothly… [Ring day] is always one of the most fun days of the year. The kids are all excited to be able to come up, shake your hand, and get to wear their [ring].”

Podcast Episodes

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