Become the Mountain – Steve Steele, Head Coach, Riggs High School (SD)

Become the Mountain – Steve Steele, Head Coach, Riggs High School (SD)

In this Champions episode, presented by Signature Championship Rings, Steve Steele shares his wisdom and experiences from leading his team to seven consecutive state championships.

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Steve Steele is the head coach at T.F. Riggs High School in Pierre, South Dakota. In this episode, Coach Steele digs into the the key elements of success, the importance of team dynamics, and the journey of preparing for a new season with a fresh theme.

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Show Notes:

>Embracing Every Team and Year as Unique
>Importance of Each Year’s Differences
>Non-Negotiables: TOTD and Family
>Creativity in Team Training
>Turn Off the Dark
>Formulating the Unique Identity of Each Team
>Story Behind the 2023 Team Identity
>Translating Team Identity to Practice and Field
>Adapting Coaching Style to Fit the Team’s Needs
>Celebrating the Team’s Success Before Moving On
>Opportunity at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coaching Academy
>Advice to Coaches Looking for Their First State Championship

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