The Passing Lab – Mesh and Deep Choice with Sam Adams, Head Coach, Oxford HS (AL)

In this episode of the Passing Lab,  host Josh Herring had the pleasure of speaking with Sam Adams, head coach at Oxford High School in Alabama, known for his expertise in the passing game. Coach Adams shared his extensive background, starting as a student assistant at Auburn University and learning from offensive minds like Bobby Petrino. He detailed his coaching journey through various high schools, culminating in his current role at Oxford.

Coach Adams discussed how he approaches developing his offense, emphasizing the importance of adapting to his players’ skills each season. He described his team’s success with a mesh concept combined with Deep Choice plays tailored to their strengths. Sam delved into the strategic nuances of these plays, piquing the audience’s interest and keeping them engaged, and how they evolved to suit his high school team, mainly focusing on adapting to different coverages.

The conversation touched on Sam’s pregame routine as a head coach and play caller, highlighting the invaluable support he receives from his coaching staff. This teamwork is crucial in managing various responsibilities effectively. Furthermore, he shared insights into his game-day preparations, including walkthroughs, team activities, and maintaining a consistent pregame meal routine for luck.

Additionally, Coach Adams explained his approach to calling plays from the sideline, emphasizing the importance of communication and reliable information from coaches in the booth and on the field. He highlighted the importance of coaches focusing on specific aspects of the game, such as defensive alignments and coverage reads, to inform play calling effectively.

Overall, the discussion with Sam shed light on the meticulous planning, adaptability, and reliance on coaching staff collaboration that underpin his success as a head coach and play caller. 


  • Coaching Background and Influences
  • Unique Approach to Mesh Concept
  • Adapting Offense to Team Talent
  • Variations on Three-Level Floods
  • Pregame Routine Balancing Head Coach and Play Caller Roles
  • Play Calling Setup and Communication on Game Day
  • Winning Edge

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