Building a High-Powered Air Raid Offense – Josh Goodloe, Paradise Honors HS (AZ)

In this episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we are joined by Josh Goodloe, head coach at Paradise Honors High School. Coach Goodloe shares his unique journey from serving in the U.S. Army to becoming a successful high school football coach. Under his leadership, Paradise Honors’ quarterback tied a national record of 91 touchdowns in a season and passed for over 11,000 yards in his career. Coach Goodloe delves into his progression and the evolution of his high-powered Air Raid offense.


  • Josh Goodloe’s journey from the military to coach
  • Challenges of Implementing the Air Raid Offense
  • Dealing with Outside Pressures as a Coach
  • Offensive Structure and Play Concepts
  • Transition to Two-Platoon Team
  • Quarterback’s Decision-Making and Offensive Line
  • The Effectiveness of Mesh and Shallow Concepts
  • Utilizing Tags in the Offense
  • Coaching Points for Mesh Concept
  • Reading Defenses and Adjustments for Receivers
  • Program Success Beyond Air Raid Offense
  • Winning Edge