The Passing Lab – Option Routes with Caleb Corrill, Offensive Coordinator, St. Thomas

The Passing Lab is back for Season 2!

Join host Josh Herring as we discuss the intricacies of option routes with Caleb Corrill, Offense Coordinator from the University of St. Thomas (FCS). We explore the strategic depth of routes like “Juke” and “Looky,” emphasizing player matchups and effective execution. Our conversation delves into the importance of versatile options in offensive plays and leveraging defensive cues. We dissect play-calling intricacies like Goof, Cross, and Fade-Flat, highlighting the significance of technique and strategic decision-making. Coach Corrill shares valuable insights for coaches and players, offering a treasure trove of perspectives to enhance offensive strategies on the field.


  • Introduction to Passing Lab Season 2
  • Background and Influences in Learning Passing Game
  • Evolution of Implementing Option Routes
  • Introduction to Haas Duke Concept
  • Detailed Breakdown of Hoss Juke Concept
  • Variations and Considerations for Haas Duke
  • Introduction to Looky Slot Option Route
  • Significance of Progression within Quick Game Concept
  • Teaching Progressions and Pocket Passing
  • Exploring Goof Concept and Execution
  • Revamping Fade Flat for High Efficiency
  • Preparing Mentally for Game Day
  • Winning Edge

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