Built By Boyle – Justin Haddix, Head Coach, Boyle County High School (KY)

Built By Boyle – Justin Haddix, Head Coach, Boyle County High School (KY)

In this Champions episode, presented by Signature Championship Rings, Justin Haddix outlines the strong culture, relentless offseason training program, and innovative ideas he brought to a tradition-rich program.

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Justin Haddix is the head football coach at Boyle County High School in Kentucky. Coach Haddix led Boyle County to an impressive four-peat state championship in 2023.

Coach Haddix inherited a program with a rich history of success under the guidance of the legendary Chuck Smith. However, rather than simply replicating what was done to accomplish past achievements, Coach Haddix brought his distinctive touch to the program. He blended the existing winning culture with his innovative ideas to propel the team to new heights.

A relentless focus on offseason training is a key component of Boyle County’s success. Coach Haddix put his spin on the “Rebel Boot Camp” in the team’s weight room sessions to not only built physical strength but also instill a sense of camaraderie and competition among the players. The emphasis on competition, teamwork, and continuous improvement in the offseason has been instrumental in shaping Boyle County’s winning culture and sustaining its success year after year.

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Show Notes:

>Starting at Boyle County
>Building a Young Coaching Staff
>Importance of Morning Workouts
>Rebel Boot Camp and Training Changes
>Building a Strong Culture
>Creating Competition in Training
>Embracing Social Media and Branding
>Building Interest in a New Program
>Celebrating Success and Moving Forward


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