Third Down

Work Your Special Teams with a Kicking Scrimmage

In this episode of The Season, host Keith Grabowski goes into his coaching notebook to talk about practicing special teams, specifically running an entire scrimmage around third down offense/defense and the kicking game.

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Organized Chaos: A Philosophy and Strategy for 3rd Down – Ola Adams, Defensive Analyst and Coordinator of Analytics, Penn State

In this segment from Lauren’s First and Goal, Ola Adams gives his approach to this critical down, sharing insight both on what he likes to do as well as highlighting what offenses like to do in each third down category.

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Teach Tapes with Steve Hauser (Week 12): Walking the Field – Winning Third Down

On this week’s episode of Teach Tapes, Steve Hauser continues his walk down the field and discusses open field 3rd down with all of its variations, strategies, and techniques from both sides of the ball.

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