Teachable Moments – Bodie Reeder, Offensive Coordinator, University of Northern Iowa

Teachable Moments – Bodie Reeder, Offensive Coordinator, University of Northern Iowa

In this episode, the next installment in our “Teachable Moments” series, Bodie Reeder shares perspective on the importance of happiness while a coach pursues professional goals.

“Don’t mess with happiness. It’s hard to find happiness.”
– Bodie Reeder

Bodie Reeder is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Northern Iowa. Coach Reeder came to UNI from Auburn, where he was an offensive quality control coach. Prior to Auburn, he enjoyed stops at Utah State, North Texas, and Eastern Washington, all as OC and QB coach. At Eastern Washington, Reeder helped coach the Eagles to a Big Sky Championship and appearance in the FCS championship game.

Prior to joining the staff at Eastern Washington, Reeder spent three seasons at Oklahoma State as offensive quality control coach. His résumé also includes three seasons at Wisconsin-Stout as OC and quarterbacks coach, and one season as a graduate assistant at his alma mater Eastern Illinois. While at Wisconsin-Stout, he also taught kinesiology at the school.

In this episode of “Teachable Moments”, we learn many positive takeaways from Coach Reeder’s journey. From his approach to taking over an offense, to adapting his own unit, to growing through setbacks, advancing from entry-level roles, and adjusting to new situations, Bodie Reeder is a model of emotional intelligence for the coaching profession.

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In the “Teachable Moments” series, guest host Steve Hauser sits down with young coaches who have made the journey from the bottom to establishing themselves in the coaching profession.

“If I can’t steal anything from this experience, then I’ve failed.”
– Bodie Reeder

Show Notes:

>Football = Family
>Don’t Mess with Happiness
>Problem Solver vs. Taskmaster
>Mold to Your Situation as a Coordinator
>Established QB? What Does He Know? What Is He Comfortable With?
>Most Growth as a Coach
>The 3 Mikes: Learning from Gundy, Yurcich, Bobo
>What You See on Sundays with a Saturday Flair
>Do What You Know… No “YouTube Install”
>Being the Youngest Guy on the Staff
>GA Work He Can’t Give Up
>A Young Coach Who Has “It”
>It’s Gonna Be Alright – Get to the Other Side

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The Winning Edge – Takeaways and Ideas for Implementation:
1) Learn as Much (or More) from the Downs as the Ups

Bodie Reeder went from being the OC at three different schools to a quality control coach at Auburn. He used the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Many times, careers in the coaching profession do not move in straight lines. It’s important to keep egos in check, find progress in the unplanned, and approach any coaching position with a growth mindset.

2) Don’t “YouTube Install”

As coaches, we have to install what we know, not what we don’t know. So don’t try to blend in an inherited scheme from a previous staff. And don’t try to shoehorn in every cool play you come across on the internet.

The fact is, you don’t often know those other schemes or circumstances. And more importantly, you don’t know what hurts those schemes or those plays if you don’t understand them. Coach what you major in. Edit out the rest.

3) Keep Your Fingerprints on GA Work

Just because you ascend in the profession, doesn’t mean you are above nitty, gritty GA work. First of all, it’s important to be a servant leader. And secondly, you have to remain committed to the details of your teaching and your own personal studying.

As offensive coordinator, Bodie Reeder is still particular about and takes ownership for his install videos, meeting slides, and call sheets. Once a GA, always a GA.

4) Don’t Mess with Happiness

Bodie Reeder possesses an extremely high level of emotional intelligence. There is a lifestyle Coach Reeder wants to have and a way coaching fits into that lifestyle, and he hasn’t compromised that value. Don’t try to out happy happy.