Accelerate Everything – Will Hewlett, Quarterback Trainer, High School QB Coach

Accelerate Everything – Will Hewlett, Quarterback Trainer, High School QB Coach

In this episode of our “Accelerate Everything” series, Will Hewlett discusses the evolution of coaching quarterback mechanics, common mistakes in training, what makes a good QB drill, and the fine details of QB arm maintenance.

“There’s a much more simple way to approach building drills.”
– Will Hewlett

Will Hewlett is a private quarterback trainer and QB coach at St. Augustine High School (FL). Having trained more than 60 Division 1 quarterbacks in the past several years, Will Hewlett has quickly become one of the country’s most sought-after experts on the position. He is known for his focus on elite-level passing mechanics, helping quarterbacks improve the speed of release, accuracy, and performance under pressure.

Hewlett has been a lead coach at QB Collective events for years, presenting on numerous subjects covering arm health and throwing mechanics. He is also one of the co-directors of coaching and development for QBC. Hewlett takes great pride in having mentored multiple quarterbacks and coaches over 15 years in the private coaching sector.

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In our “Accelerate Everything” series, guest host Dub Maddox, offensive coordinator at Union High School (OK), talks with experts inside and outside of football to illuminate those things that put them at the top of their fields, while considering those lessons within a coaching framework.

“Fatigue is the enemy of skill development.”
– Will Hewlett

Show Notes:

>Evolution of Coaching the QB
>Team QB Coach vs QB Trainer
>Shifts That Came with Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes
>Working with a Private Coach
>Moving into On-Field Coaching
>Mistakes in Training
>Working with College and NFL Coaches
>Use of Drill Time
>Pitch Count/Reps
>QB Arm Maintenance

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