Culture OS – Kyle Ralph, Head Coach, New Palestine High School (IN)

Culture OS – Kyle Ralph, Head Coach, New Palestine High School (IN)

In this installment of our Culture OS series, Kyle Ralph discusses with guest host Rob Pomazak the key elements of building a successful football program and creating a winning culture.

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Kyle Ralph is a highly respected figure in Indiana high school football, known for his exceptional leadership and coaching prowess. As the head football coach of New Palestine High School, he has achieved remarkable success, guiding his team to three state championships and winning the Don Shula High School Coach of the Year and the US Marines Semper Fi Awards.

In this episode, Coach Ralph illuminates the importance of commitment, toughness, and passion in shaping the culture at New Palestine, as well as insights on player development, staff involvement, and the relentless dedication required to maintain a winning edge year after year.

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Culture OS guest host Rob Pomazak is the head coach at St. Charles North High School (IL). Coach Pomazak took over the program in 2013 and has been a perennial playoff qualifier since then, including a spot in the Illinois 7A championship game in 2018. Pomazak is also the Wellness & Sports Performance Coordinator for the North Stars.

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Show Notes:

>Embracing New Challenges
>Building a Successful Football Program
>Addressing the Importance of Character Development
>Making Sacrifices for the Program
>Finding Motivation and Sustaining Success
>Core Beliefs: Win the Day Motto
>Establishing Core Values: Commitment, Toughness, Passion
>Involving Stakeholders: Parents and Staff
>Advice for Aspiring Head Coaches
>Introduction to Leadership Values
>Players Crafting a Leadership Manifesto
>Importance of Building Initial Building Blocks

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