From the Archives: Jonathan Himebauch, TE Coach, Air Force

From the Archives: Jonathan Himebauch, Tight Ends Coach, Air Force
On today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, offensive line coach Jonathan Himebauch with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League joins host Keith Grabowski. The Connecticut native, and former USC and pro football player, has 20 years of coaching experience. That includes seven years in both the CFL and NCAA, with stops at Nevada, Wake Forest, San Diego State and UNLV. Himebauch discusses his extensive coaching career, player relations and more.

Show notes

1:15: Himebauch’s football journey, from coach’s kid on up
9:45: Engagement and communication with students
12:30: Learning what players will respond to
17:40: Process for player learning and evaluation
25:50: Players have to believe in you and what you’re teaching
31:55: Offensive line culture
38:30: Key difference between American and Canadian football
41:30: Advice for coaches at any level
44:45: The winning edge