The Focus to Rise Above the Pressure in the Postseason

The Focus to Rise Above the Pressure in the Postseason

Levi Nelson, Chris Kappas, Jeremy Hawkins, and Randy Jackson explore strategies for keeping players focused during postseason weeks, including mistake rituals, consistent approaches, and how to minimize distractions.

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Maintaining focus during postseason weeks is essential for coaches and players to perform their best and make the most of their achievements. As coaches, we understand the immense pressure that comes with postseason games. It is crucial to not only instruct players to remain focused but also equip them with practical tools to do so.

Coaches Featured in This Episode:

Levi Nelson, Positive Coaching Alliance
Chris Kappas, Head Coach, Louisville High School (OH)
Jeremy Hawkins, Run Game Coordinator and DL Coach, Eastern Kentucky
Randy Jackson, Texas High School Coach

Show Notes:

>The Importance of Teaching Focus
>Moving on from Mistakes
>Treat Every Game the Same
>Maintain the Same Preparation and Mindset Throughout the Year
>Balancing Focus on the Game While Also Savoring the Moment
>Have Older Players Share Their Experiences
>Practical Advice to Clear Your Plate as a Coach
>Focus on Winning Each Day

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