Ohio State

The Effort and Energy to Excel, Featuring Alex Golesh, Head Coach, South Florida

In this episode from our archives, we revisit a 2016 conversation with Alex Golesh, who at the time was an assistant coach at Iowa State. Now the Head Coach at South Florida, Coach Golesh’s journey is a blueprint for how to rise in the coaching profession.

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Defense with DC (Week 13): The Importance of Rivalries

Every coach dreams of playing Thanksgiving week. If you’re in high school, it means you’ve made a deep run. If you’re in small college, you’re starting a playoff run after a successful season. And if you’re an FBS school, it’s rivalry week. This week on Defense with DC, Dan Carrel, who coached in the Ohio…

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Defense with DC (Week 2): Installing a System for Pass Rush Lanes

The DC of the USFL’s Michigan Panthers is back to talk more defense. Coach Carrel shares ideas for best utilizing the seven possible pass rush lanes, third down sims, and option force.

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