Culture OS – Anthony Shiffman, Head Coach, Waterford High School (WI)

Culture OS – Anthony Shiffman, Head Coach, Waterford High School (WI)

In this episode of our Culture OS series, Tony Shiffman emphasizes the importance of building trust and connection with players and shares how he finds a healthy work-family relationship in the demands of the coaching profession.

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Tony Shiffman is the head football coach at Waterford High School in Wisconsin. In this episode, Coach Shiffman emphasizes the importance of being authentic and confident in one’s coaching approach. He highlights that being genuine and passionate about what you do resonates more with players than simply following a set playbook. Authenticity breeds trust and connection – essential elements in building a strong team culture.

Coach Shiffman also shares his experiences with finding an equilibrium between coaching responsibilities and family life. By prioritizing family time and setting boundaries, he exemplifies the importance of nurturing personal relationships outside of the football field.

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Culture OS guest host Rob Pomazak is the head coach at St. Charles North High School (IL). Coach Pomazak took over the program in 2013 and has been a perennial playoff qualifier since then, including a spot in the Illinois 7A championship game in 2018. Pomazak is also the Wellness & Sports Performance Coordinator for the North Stars.

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Show Notes:

>Building Great Young Men
>Initial Meeting and Rapport Building
>Program Changes and Buy-In
>Leadership Style and Balance
>Program Development in the Offseason
>Maintaining Program Alignment
>Navigating Work-Family Relationship
>Advice for Aspiring Coaches

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