A Sprint-Based Football Approach – Garrett Mueller, Head Coach, Stewartville High School (MN)

A Sprint-Based Football Approach – Garrett Mueller, Head Coach, Stewartville High School (MN)

We begin our Champions Series, presented by Signature Championship Rings, with the state champion from Minnesota who won the Class AAA title, led by head coach Garrett Mueller.

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Garrett Mueller is the head coach of Stewartville High School in Minnesota. In 2023, the Tigers completed a perfect season (their third undefeated regular season in a row) with their 14th victory in the state championship game.

A big part of what’s brought Stewartville to this point was a development change made in their program to a sprint-based football program, something we discussed with Tony Holler, the creator of Feed the Cats.

Follow Garrett Mueller on Twitter/X @SHSCoachMueller.

Show Notes:

>Introduction and Background
>Building Success and Program Turnaround
>Introduction to Sprint-Based Football Philosophy
>Philosophy and Approach to Coaching
>Program Development and Success Over Three Years
>Importance of Discipline and Focus
>Overcoming Resistance to Change
>Tailoring the Philosophy to Individual Programs
>The Impact of Multi-Sport Athletes
>Offseason Training Program and Approach

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