Accelerate Everything – Defending Condensed Sets – Brian Vaughn, LB Coach, West Texas A&M

In our kickoff of Season 2 of the Accelerate Everything Series, host Dub Maddox is joined by the esteemed Brian Vaughn, the creator of the Blitzology blog and a highly experienced linebackers coach at West Texas A&M University. Together, they delve into defending condensed formations and more. In this insightful episode, Brian, with his wealth of knowledge and expertise, emphasizes the importance of precise communication and strategic adjustments for defensive success. They explore the dynamic nature of defensive schemes, the critical role of preparation, and adaptive solutions against high-volume offenses. Discover the strategic intricacies of defensive football, focusing on adaptability, quick decision-making, and effective player coaching. The interview also covers offensive strategies, including RPOs and run-and-shoot offenses, highlighting post-snap reads and adapting launch points. Coach Vaughn’s expert insights provide valuable resources for coaches to enhance their strategic toolbox. 


  • The Challenge of Condensed Formations
  • Thresholds and Stress Points
  • Leveraging Outside Leverage
  • Adapting to Wider Splits
  • Adjusting for Volume of Plays
  • Managing Complexity in Formations
  • Offensive Strategy and Defensive Response
  • Current Offensive Trends
  • Innovative RPO Strategies
  • Defensive Adjustments and Strategies
  • Trendy Offensive Plays and Adaptations
  • Exploring the Run and Shoot Offense
  • Importance of Changing Launch Points
  • Lonesome Polecat Formation and Strategies
  • Winning Edge

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