Game Planning Field Zones- Jeff Mullen, Former FBS OC

Game Planning Field Zones- Jeff Mullen, Former FBS OC

On today’s podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by former FBS Offensive Coordinator Jeff Mullen. Most recently at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Mullen served as the offensive coordinator from 2011-2017. Prior to that, Mullen was offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at West Virginia from 2008-2010. Mullen joins the podcast to talk about how to gameplan Field Zones.

Show Notes:

1:46 Different Field Zones
3:09 How the field chart breaks down
7:43 Personnel groups and strategy when you’re in the “black group”
14:39 Situational identity in practice
22:22 Gold Zone Goals
25:27 Brown Zone
28:51 4-Verts and other courses Mullin has on Coach Tube
31:00 Connect with Coach

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