Ideas that Raise the Bar – Tyler Hopperton, head Coach, Mt. St. Joseph

Tyler, Mount St. Joseph’s football coach, values authenticity, transparency, and shared values in coaching. He emphasizes competition through unique training methods and problem-solving for a culture of continuous improvement.

Welcome to today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast. Today, the Head Coach of Mount St Joseph University, Tyler Hopperton, joins us. Coach Hopperton has been instrumental in transforming the football program at Mount St. Joseph with his innovative practice structures, leadership development focus, and adaptive game strategies.

Coach Hopperton believes in giving equal practice reps to all players, ensuring everyone gets the chance to develop and shine. His approach to integrating inexperienced players with seasoned veterans fosters a strong team culture and accelerates player growth. Emphasizing reflection and continuous improvement, he encourages his team to build on strengths and identify areas for development.

In today’s episode of Coach and Coordinator, Tyler Hopperton, the head football coach at Mount St. Joseph, joins us to discuss his innovative approach to building a program and ideas that raise the bar.

Coach Hoopertin was named head coach at 27 years old, without prior coordinator experience. In his first 7 seasons as Head Football Coach, Hopperton has earned a 51-17 overall record (41-9 HCAC) and has led the Lions to the program’s 5th HCAC Championship in 2018, 6th HCAC Championship and NCAA Playoff appearance in 2022, and 7th HCAC Championship and NCAA Playoff appearance in 2023. He was named the HCAC Coach of the Year in 2022 and 2023. 

In our conversation, he shares his journey and coaching philosophy, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and transparency with his players. He discusses organizing his coaching staff, focusing on transparency, and aligning with the program’s values. He offers unique insights into special teams, highlighting the need for clear drills and efficient practice time. 

We highlight one of his innovative strategies: not having a traditional depth chart during training camp. This promotes competition and accelerated learning among players and benefits the program.

Show Notes:

  • Setting the Bar High
  • Building the Coaching Staff
  • Focusing on Special Teams
  • Revolutionizing Training Camp: No Depth Chart
  • Nurturing True Depth
  • Embracing Change and Growth
  • Reflecting and Improving
  • Adding Value and Solving Problems
  • Winning Edge

Learn from Coach Hopperton:

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