Learn About Your Team Through Player Self-Evaluations

Learn About Your Team Through Player Self-Evaluations

In this episode from our archives, Coach Keith Grabowski shares all the questions and survey items that have benefitted his teams plus the significance of player self-evaluations and the impact they have on a team’s development.

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These essential tools for understanding and developing players provide valuable insights into their perceptions, attitudes, and goals, allowing coaches to tailor their coaching approach to individual needs.

Download a copy of Keith’s evaluation tool.

Show Notes:

>Self-Evaluation of the Player Using a 1-10 Scale
>Football Preparation
>Promoting the Program
>Social Behavior
>Passion for the Game
>Being a Good Teammate
>Rest and Sleep
>Typical Contact Information on the Player
>Information on Position, Physical, Classroom, and Other Sports Played
>Names of Potential Recruits within the School
>Tell Us More About You
>More About Our Team: Best Players, Most Liked Teammates, Least Liked Teammates
>More About Our Opponents: Favorite Teams and Favorite Athletes

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