Program Culture

Creating a Consistent Player – Adam Cushing, Run Game Coordinator/OL Coach, Duke University

In this segment from the 3rd Annual Lauren’s First and Goal Clinic, Adam Cushing focuses on what it takes to create a consistent player. While he gives examples with the offensive line, his descriptions apply to all position groups, units, and teams.

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Continuous Improvement Through Position Battles – Calvin Renfroe, Offensive Coordinator, Olivet Nazarene

In this episode, Calvin Renfroe details the unique grading system deployed at Olivet Nazarene to constantly evaluate players and provide them active feedback for improvement, while concurrently building competition and culture throughout the program.

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Coaching the Top 10% – Matt Rhule, Head Coach, University of Nebraska

In this talk from the 3rd Annual Lauren’s First and Goal Clinic, Matt Rhule outlines his system for elevating the standards in his program. The culture instilled for his players and coaches cultivates a perpetual chase of higher performance.

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