Stressing the Defense with Unique Play Presentation – Karson Pike, Offensive Coordinator, Bemidji State

Today’s Coach and Coordinator Podcast, presented by Vertical Raise, is with Karson Pike, the offensive coordinator at Bemidji State. He shares insights on creating offensive plays that challenge a defense, disrupting defenses with varying tempos, and prioritizing player development within the offensive system. Coach Pike advocates for a player-centric approach, emphasizing the importance of adapting strategies to player strengths and fostering a successful team environment. We cover his innovative coaching philosophy centered on empowering players for collective success.


  • Carson Pike’s Background
  • Influential Figures in Carson’s Career
  • Creating Defensive Conflicts
  • Varying Offensive Tempo
  • Importance of RPOs, Play Action, and Quick Game
  • Organizing the Run Game
  • The Significance of Terminology
  • Advantages of Being Unique on Offense
  • Adapting to Personnel
  • Winning Edge

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