Teach Tapes with Steve Hauser (Week 15): 2022 Season Retrospective

Teach Tapes with Steve Hauser (Week 15): 2022 Season Retrospective

On this season wrap-up episode of Teach Tapes, Steve Hauser looks back at key moments and themes from the 2022 season, what we discovered along the way, and the trends that made a difference and will be important to the future success of our players and programs.

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“You can have words, but at the end of the day, it’s about action.”
– Steve Hauser at 1:25

Steve Hauser brings a unique résumé to the Coach and Coordinator Podcast in-season lineup, most recently coaching special teams at Iowa State. Coach Hauser has enjoyed multiple coaching stops, including positions at Oklahoma State and the Cleveland Browns. He now manages the @TeachTapes Twitter account, highlighting the best of the best NFL drills and techniques. This week on our Teach Tapes series, Coach Hauser wraps up the 2022 season.

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“Sometimes, the ball is more important than the down or the time of game.”
– Steve Hauser at 7:53

Show Notes:

(1:16) Season Retrospective
>Two Major Themes
>The Blueprint
>Situational Masters
>There Are Reasons Things Happen and Reasons to Learn from Them
(3:14) Explosives 
>Be Ready for Your Moment
>”Love of the Game” Route
>Play Action Fakes – Show, Snap, Setup
>1 of 11 in All Aspects
(4:56) Operational Penalties
>Drills and Techniques
>Details That Impact the Start or Finish of a Game
(6:49) Ball Security + Takeaways
>Fight Through Contact the Right Way
>Wrist Above Elbow
>Eagle Claw
>The Ball Is the Most Important Thing in the Program
>Body, Ball, Boundary
(8:35) Walk the Field
>Understanding Strategy within Context
>Sequencing the Next Play
>Backed Up
>Open Field 1st and 10
>Winning 2nd Down
>Coaching 3rd Down
>The Scoring Zone
(10:18) The “Why”
>Retain from the Classroom to the Grass
>It All Comes Back to the “Why”
>All Things Matter
(13:07) Activity Versus Achievement
>How Does It Fit My Team?
>Experience Defines Your Future
>Professional Development
(14:53) What’s Next for TeachTapes and Coach and Coordinator
>Spring Ball Series

“You have to use your experience to define what you want your future to be.”
– Steve Hauser at 13:09

Coaches Mentioned in This Episode:

John Harbaugh
Brandon Staley
Sean McVay
Eric Yarber
Mike McDaniel 
Greg Knapp
Eddie Faulkner
Jemal Singleton
Scottie Montgomery
Ryan Walters
Mike Gundy
Tony Franklin

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