Personnel Placement and Development- Joel Rodriguez, Offensive Line Coach, FIU

Joining Host Keith Grabowski on today’s edition of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast is the Offensive Line Coach at Florida International University. Rodriguez is currently entering his second season with FIU and has previously served in multiple roles at Miami as well as Fordham University. In addition to coaching, Rodriguez made it all the way to the NFL where he played for the Tennessee Titans. Coach has become a master at placing personnel in their correct roles as well as developing young talent.

1:07 Coach’s journey
3:48 Influence Coach Munchak had on Rodriguez
8:00 Find a way to make a system fit players and vice versa
14:28 How fitting players can help them maximize their skills
16:30 Coach’s MAP scheme
19:28 Which fronts were ideal for running MAP
20:35 Changing schemes based on his Quarterback
24:30 Advice to Coaches looking to move up and on
27:06 Winning Edge

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