Creating a Program of Significance Through Servant Leadership – Ryan Knowles, Head Coach, Sandpoint High School (ID)

Creating a Program of Significance Through Servant Leadership – Ryan Knowles, Head Coach, Sandpoint High School (ID)

In this episode, Ryan Knowles shares how he serves others, creates positive environments, and ensures his players and coaching staff have the resources they need to succeed by leveraging technology and community support to increase fundraising efforts.

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Ryan Knowles is the head coach at Sandpoint High School in Idaho. After playing and serving as a graduate assistant coach at the University of  Idaho, Coach Knowles spent 12 years at Colgate University in various roles, including defensive line coach, co-defensive coordinator, and special teams coordinator before returning home to become the head coach at his alma mater Sandpoint High School.

In this episode, Coach Knowles outlines how he has built a program on the principles of servant leadership. One key aspect of his servant leadership philosophy is the attention given to both the players and the coaching staff. By ensuring that everyone has the resources they need to succeed, Coach Knowles creates an environment where individuals can thrive and excel. This approach not only leads to better results on the field but also a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among all members of the program.

Coach Knowles has shown that servant leadership extends beyond the football field as well. Through innovative fundraising efforts, utilizing the Vertical Raise platform, Sandpoint High School has been able to raise substantial funds to support the program. By leveraging technology and community support, Coach Knowles has demonstrated how servant leadership can translate into tangible results that benefit the entire football program and its participants.

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Show Notes:

>Servant Leadership
>Balancing Servant Leadership and Direction
>Being Demanding of Results, Not People
>Utilizing Vertical Raise for Fundraising
>Harnessing Technology for Fundraising Success
>Impact of Vertical Raise on Fundraising
>Core Values: Execute and Humility
>Core Values: Toughness and Courage

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