Creating Connection – Andy Lierman, Head Coach, Liberty North High School (MO)

Creating Connection – Andy Lierman, Head Coach, Liberty North High School (MO)

In this Champions episode, presented by Signature Championship Rings, Andy Lierman shares insights on the importance of connecting with players, his transition to a three-safety defense, and the journey to the first state championship.

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Andy Lierman is the head coach at Liberty North High School – the 2023 Class 6A state champions in Missouri. In this episode, we discuss the strategies, challenges, and lessons learned from Coach Lierman’s successful coaching career.

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Show Notes:

>Platoons and Player Connections
>Involvement of All Players
>Managing a Large Coaching Staff
>Transition to a 3-High Safety Defense
>Stopping the Run in a Light Box
>Disguising Coverages with Three Safeties
>Implementing New Defensive Strategies
>Patience and Growth in Coaching
>Looking Ahead to Defending the Championship

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