All In on Offense, Coordinator the Passing Game- Craig Stutzmann, Washington State Co-OC

On today’s Coach and Coordinator Podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by Washington State Co-Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach, Craig Stutzmann. Coach is going into just his second year at Washington State, but previously held the same role for the last 4 years at Hawai’i, where he helped bring the team to 3 bowl games. This past season Stutzmann was a finalist for the FootballScoop National Quarterback Coach of the Year award. Coach is big on the run and shoot offense and has continued to put up points wherever he goes. He joins the podcast today to talk about some of the things he learned during the Covid season and goes deep into many different aspects of his role as OC.

1:50 What were some new ideas that emerged from coaching during covid 
6:15 How Zoom has made coaches more efficient 
8:25 Adjusting back to a normal season and what you take with you from last season
11:12 How the staff works together
12:35 Best parts of going back to normal
14:13 As pass game coordinator, what’s the starting point for breaking down an opponent
17:36 Scouting how defenses are adjusting to motions
21:55 How you work in the concepts to combat “Problem coverages”
26:24 Best way to put together the whole gameplan and combine all the coaches ideas
30:15 Making sure everyone is on the same page and trying to filter ideas
34:15 Like it/Don’t like it list with Quarterbacks
40:47 Prioritizing the Call Sheet
43:40 Organizing the sheet with situations
45:55 Approach in between series
52:12 Evaluating your own staff