Are You Practicing Tackling Enough? – Vince DiGaetano, Assistant Coach, Fordham University

Are You Practicing Tackling Enough? – Vince DiGaetano, Assistant Coach, Fordham University

In this Lauren’s First and Goal Clinic segment, Vince DiGaetano begins outlining his tackling system designed to develop a holistic approach to tackling, bridge the gap between practice drills and in-game performance, as well as ensure players react effectively in high-pressure situations.

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Vince DiGaetano is an assistant coach at Fordham University. In this clinic series episode, we “Dig” into the art and science of tackling. It is a skill that demands both physical prowess and strategic understanding. As the game evolves with rule changes designed for player safety, and just a better understanding overall of performance, so too must your tackling systems.

Coach Dig diagrams his tackling system as a pyramid. It starts with instilling trust and psychological readiness in players, fostering a belief in the coaching methodology and an understanding of the defensive principles beyond mere technique.

While Coach Dig goes deeper in this entire presentation, the rest of which is available from Lauren’s First and Goal,  this segment sets a good foundation for you to think about tackling within your defense and where to get started on tackling in 2024.

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Show Notes:

>Introduction to Tackling Systems
>Importance of Tackling Drills
>Factors Affecting Performance
>Optimal Performance and Reaction Time
>Training for Complex Motor Skills
>Building Trust and Confidence
>Foundation of Energy Systems
>Staying Square to the Football
>Entry Point and Yardage Control
>Grading and Coaching Player Techniques

Coach DiG’s Tackling Pyramid:

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