Best of Coach and Coordinator: How Culture Produces Results

Best of Coach and Coordinator: How Culture Produces Results

In this episode, we share insights from our clinics and interviews with seven coaches on building culture. We start by sharing a definition from Brian Kight, who is a frequent guest on this podcast: “Culture is the belief and behaviors that create the outcome. It’s the experience that can be felt by everyone involved.”

Culture applies not only in sports, but at any place a team of people works together today. Many intangible aspects comprise culture, but as you will hear, the culture you create is evident in the actions of the people in your organization, both on and off the field. There is no single way to build it, but in every instance, the outcomes go beyond the wins and championships.

Show Notes:

(1:29) Process-Orient Your Organization: Nick Saban, Head Coach, University of Alabama
(7:59) Assess Players on Commitment to Improvement: Bill Snyder, Former Head Coach, Kansas State
(17:18) Be the Alpha: Sean Lewis, Offensive Coordinator, University of Colorado
(24:17) Create Culture for the Entire Roster: Lazarus Morgan, Head Coach, Buffalo State College
(25:59) Turn Belief in Biology into Team Chemistry: Ralph Isernia, Head Coach, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
(31:37) Develop Vital Things: Carlos Lynn, Former Head Coach, Cedar Hill High School (TX)
(34:46) Be as Competitive as Possible in All Things: Jason Negro, Head Coach, St. John Bosco High School (CA)