Culture OS – Alex Golesh, Head Coach, University of South Florida

Culture OS – Alex Golesh, Head Coach, University of South Florida

In this installment of Culture OS, Alex Golesh discusses the challenges and rewards of leadership, work-life balance, elite behavior standards, and the importance of relentless focus on process for long-term success.

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Alex Golesh is the head coach at the University of South Florida. In this episode, he recounts his journey from high school coaching to leading South Florida, emphasizing player-focused and process-driven programs over results.

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Culture OS guest host Rob Pomazak is the head coach at St. Charles North High School (IL). Coach Pomazak took over the program in 2013 and has been a perennial playoff qualifier since then, including a spot in the Illinois 7A championship game in 2018. Pomazak is also the Wellness & Sports Performance Coordinator for the North Stars.

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Show Notes:

>Reflections on the Coaching Journey
>Transition to Head Coach at USF
>Importance of Player-Centric Approach
>Establishing Elite Standards
>Implementing Process-Driven Culture
>Building Success at Tennessee
>Handling Difficult Conversations
>Balancing Building vs. Sustaining Success
>Navigating from Good to Great

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