Developing Valuable Skills For Your Future – Zach Crespo, Former College Coach

Developing Valuable Skills For Your Future – Zach Crespo, Former College Coach

In this episode, Zach Crespo shares the lessons he learned in college football, the pivotal moments that led him to step away from coaching, and how he found new purpose and success with Vertical Raise, a company revolutionizing fundraising for athletic programs.

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Zach Crespo is former college football coach. He now serves as a fundraising coach for Vertical Raise.

Zach’s story resembles situations we all face in our coaching careers. Every year in November, I get calls from college coaches contemplating what their next steps are inside or outside of the game. While Zach decided a pivot was necessary, his insight is valuable to any coach inside or outside of the game right now, especially as you think about how you develop your skills and relationships.

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 919-704-1351
Twitter/X: @CoachZachCrespo.

Show Notes:

>Zack Crespo’s Coaching Journey Begins
>Working Under George O’Leary
>Transition to GA and Scott Frost Era
>Moving to Nebraska and North Carolina
>Decision to Leave Coaching
>Challenges of Transitioning Careers
>Importance of Organization
>Building Relationships in and out of Coaching
>Final Thoughts and Encouragement for Coaches

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