Game Plan for Your Next Job: Paint a Picture of Success – Chris Fore, Consultant, Eight Laces

Game Plan for Your Next Job: Paint a Picture of Success – Chris Fore, Consultant, Eight Laces

In this episode, Chris Fore, former high school coach and current administrator and football consultant, joins us to help develop your game plan for getting your next job, whether that is this year or in future years.

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Chris Fore is the principal at Mojave High School in Hesperia, CA and the founder of Eight Laces Consulting. Prior to becoming an administrator, Chris coached high school football for 16 years, eight as a head coach. Through is work at Eight Laces, Chris helps coaches best position themselves to get their next job.

When it comes to standing out in the competitive world of coaching, it’s essential to showcase your skills and achievements in a way that truly captures attention. One effective approach to achieving this end is to incorporate the elements of people, actions, and results into your coaching portfolio.

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Show Notes:

>Importance of Action, People, and Results in Résumés
>Valuable Episode for Career Development and Networking
>Painting a Picture of Success in Coaching Job Opportunities
>Creating Impactful Coaching Résumés and Portfolios
>Using Pictures, Action, and Results in Coaching Portfolios
>Enhancing Résumés and Portfolios with Media
>Using Canva for Dynamic Visual Content
>Using Canva and Prezi for Engaging Portfolios
>Quantifying and Qualifying Achievements
>Tailoring Portfolios to Fit the Specific Job and School

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The Head Coach Blueprint

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