OC Office Hour: Play Calling Strategy from Homer Smith

OC Office Hour: Play Calling Strategy from Homer Smith

On this episode of OC Office Hour, we share timeless tips for improving your play calling from the late Homer Smith’s Handbook for Coaching the Football Passing Attack. Coach Smith was a savant of offensive football and published many of his strategies, helping coaches understand and teach theory, and not just assignment.

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Homer Smith was one of football’s all-time thinkers. After earning degrees from Princeton (where he was an All-Ivy League fullback), Stanford, and Harvard, Smith literally wrote the book on offensive football. His works remain trusted manuals for the next generation of coaches. His theories were battle tested while coaching throughout college football and the NFL. Homer Smith’s résumé features head coaching stints at Davidson College, University of the Pacific, and West Point. He also was a highly effective offensive coordinator at Alabama, Arizona, the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, and at UCLA, where he experienced his greatest success coaching alongside Terry Donahue. Coach Smith passed away in 2011, but his legacy of sound football philosophy remains relevant today.

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