Personnel, Workload, and Positive Morale on Special Teams

Personnel, Workload, and Positive Morale on Special Teams

Charlie Coiner, Bobby April, and Brett Arkelian share important considerations for personnel management, practice workload, and maintaining positive morale during the last weeks of the regular season and into the playoffs.

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In the late season, special teams face different challenges than in the earlier parts of the year. By carefully addressing these aspects, coaches optimize special teams performance and increase the chances of success in the late-season games.

Coaches Featured in This Episode:

Charlie Coiner, Retired NFL Coach
Bobby April, Two-Time NFL Special Teams Coach of the Year
Brett Arkelian, Special Teams Coach, Fresno State University

Show Notes:

>Late-Season Special Teams Considerations
>Building Depth and Managing Personnel
>Incorporating Fakes and Practice Strategies
>Adjusting Practice Techniques for the Late Season
>Weather Conditions and Game Planning
>Balancing Player Workload and Starters on Special Teams
>Maintaining Positive Morale and Atmosphere
>Emphasizing Communication and Team Bonding
>Recognizing Effort and Boosting Morale
>Highlighting the Bigger Picture and Creating a Unified Team

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