Planning, Practicing, and Calling Trick Plays

Planning, Practicing, and Calling Trick Plays

In this episode from our archives, Coach Keith Grabowski gives us a page out of his notebook on trick plays. Listen for insight on some of the most popular trick plays and some new ones.

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Trick plays can be fun and valuable tools for a team. They give room for creativity on offense and confusion for opposing defenses. This episode supplies coaches with a multitude of ideas that can be implemented as the end of the season approaches.

Show Notes:

>Trick Play Article
>Oberlin Trick Play
>History of Philly Special
>Kevin Kelly’s Approach
>Skill Components
>Multiple Player Exchange
>Exchange to Pass
>Jump Pass
>Double Pass
>Catch and Pitch
>Categories of Plays
>Favorite Throwback
>Don’t Forget the Linemen
>St. Johnsbury Academy (VT) Tackle Screen
>Tricks by Procedure
>How To Practice These Plays
>Circus Circuit
>Hook & Ladder
>Heidelberg’s Hook & Ladder
>How To Plan These Plays
>Know Your Opponent
>When and Where to Call These Plays
>Set Up a Play That Fits the Game Plan

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