The Art of Play Calling – Dub Maddox, Offensive Coordinator, Union High School (OK)

The Art of Play Calling – Dub Maddox, Offensive Coordinator, Union High School (OK)

In this episode, Dub Maddox discusses the challenges and strategies involved in becoming a successful play caller. From learning through failures to leveraging analytics, Coach Maddox shares valuable insights and practical tips for honing play-calling skills.

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Dub Maddox is the offensive coordinator at Union High School in Oklahoma. In this episode, Coach Maddox uncovers the key traits of top play callers, the role of analytics in decision-making, and the unique R4 framework for enhancing play-calling efficiency.

Plus, discover what you can expect from Dub’s comprehensive course, “The Art of Play Calling,” designed to elevate your understanding and execution of play calling in the game of football.

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Show Notes:

>Challenges of Making Decisions on Game Day
>Importance of Learning Through Failure
>Top Traits of Successful Play Callers
>Harnessing Analytics for Game-Day Decisions
>Decision-Making Under Pressure
>Key Analytics Affecting Winning Outcomes
>How to 10x the Perfect Play Call
>Workflow for Creating a Play-Call Sheet

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