The Go-Go Offense – Brennan Marion, Offensive Coordinator, UNLV

The Go-Go Offense – Brennan Marion, Offensive Coordinator, UNLV

In this episode, Brennan Marion explores the origins and evolution of the “Go-Go” offense, emphasizing its strategic approach to combine the option game with a strong passing attack.

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Brennan Marion is the offensive coordinator at UNLV. In this episode, Coach Marion highlights the importance of adapting an offense to players’ strengths and shares his coaching journey, emphasizing continuous learning and adaptation.

Coach Marion introduces the concept of the five V’s in the Go-Go Offense and focuses on team culture, player development, and maximizing talent. We dig into recruiting based on skill set, effective communication, and creating a supportive environment for players. Then we wrap up the conversation by underlining the importance of togetherness, love, and selflessness among players for team success, expressing optimism for the future of the UNLV Rebels.

Show Notes:

>Introduction to the Go-Go Offense
>Transition to Coaching at UNLV
>The Five V’s in the Go-Go Offense
>Maximizing Skill Sets in High School Football
>Recruiting Strategy Shift
>Importance of Love for Teammates

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