The Offseason Journey – Ideas from Bill Walsh

The Offseason Journey – Ideas from Bill Walsh

In this episode, we share an excerpt from Bill Walsh’s book Finding the Winning Edge to get you thinking about your offseason journey.

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The offseason journey is a time to review, reflect, and determine where your team goes next. It’s also a time for you to determine how you will grow and develop as an individual in the coaching profession. Bill Walsh was one of the best ever because he knew how all aspects of coaching fit into the big picture, down to the finest details of what it takes to win from individual positions, units, and teams.

Though his book is now over 30 years old, it reads like it was written recently. The knowledge Coach Walsh shared is timeless and can help you in your development now as much as it did the many coaches from his coaching tree who went on to have outstanding careers as head coaches.

Bill Walsh Recommendations:

1. Set up a calendar.
2. Plan vacation.
3. Schedule important meetings.
4. Establish an environment with veterans.
5. Set objectives and expectations with players.
6. Assimilate new players.
7. Evaluate personnel: Do they fit with past season schemes?
8. Evaluate your team’s systems.
9. Establish a procedure for rating each play and series.

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