12 Days of Christmas – Distort the Defense with Power Read

12 Days of Christmas – Distort the Defense with Power Read

One play that we fell in love with because of its flexibility and its ability to stretch a defense was power read.  It seems like an easy play to install, especially if you have the power scheme in your offense, but we learned there are some key differences which, when accounted for, can make a huge difference on the success of the play.  At two different colleges over four seasons, this play averaged over 7 yards per carry for us, and the play action off of it put some simple explosive plays into the offense.

As part of the 12 days of Christmas – I offer the entire study and details in my course “Distort the Defense with Power Read.” (FREE UNTIL MIDNIGHT JAN 1). Whether you have been running this play or are looking to add it, the details here will help this play be the most productive it can be for you in 2021.

The benefits of the play can be realized when you understand the difference in how the power read play affects the defense compared to the traditional power. For example, the video and the one following explain the difference in how Power is downhill and Power Read will hit wider.

Next, understanding the correct mesh and all of the different ways the defense will handle the read and the mesh is essential. These must be practiced and players should be prepared for all of these situations. The correct mesh is explained in this video.

Finally, adding the element of play action to the play which equates to a 7 yard pass with just about nothing in front of the receiver will really exploit a defense. An instructional video on the “pop” pass is included in the course “Distort the Defense with Power Read”

I want to thank everyone for their support as the Coach and Coordinator Podcast nears the 5 million listen mark.  I designed this podcast to be able to talk with successful coaches and share the mindset and skill set that makes them successful.

If you haven’t listened, my final question with new guests is, “What’s the one thing you do as a coach that gives your players the winning edge?”

For me, the winning edge comes from always learning.  I love studying our game and sharing what I learn with coaches on the podcast, in these emails, in the books I have written, and most recently on CoachTube with the courses I have put together.  I have a bundle of three courses that apply to any offense here.

Finally, the shutdown has opened new avenues for learning, and I am honored to be able to work with Army West Point assistant coach John Loose to put together his Lauren’s First and Goal Clinic to benefit pediatric brain tumor research and cancer services.  The line-up is incredible with keynotes by Luke Fickell, Jeff Monken, Mack Brown, Dan Quinn, Geoff Franklin, and Geoff Collins.  Please see the whole line-up at lfgf.coachesclinic.com

I know there are plenty of free clinics available this off season, but this line-up is second to none, and with the camps being shut down, the Lauren’s First and Goal Foundation can use our help.  Early bird pricing ends midnight January 1.

Thank you for all  of your support over the years!