Coach and Coordinator Announces Vertical Raise as Podcast Sponsor and Official Fundraising Partner

Coach and Coordinator Announces Vertical Raise as Podcast Sponsor and Official Fundraising Partner

Vertical Raise is the technology leader in fundraising, delivering a proprietary platform to coaches that exponentially increases donations for programs across the country.

Whether coaches enjoy it or not, we are all fundraisers. It’s part of the job description – an unavoidable and critically important part. While the 10% Coach tirelessly works to provide his players and coaching staff with every resource needed to compete and have an enjoyable experience while doing it, running a football program is expensive. School districts and university athletic departments do what they can to earmark budget, but the known reality is… the money simply isn’t always there for any bells or whistles. So as coaches, it’s on us to go get that supplemental revenue. Thankfully, there’s Vertical Raise.

Vertical Raise is the premier online fundraising platform in the country. Vertical Raise offers multiple fundraising solutions that utilize email, text messaging, and social media to exponentially increase the reach of any fundraiser. The foundation of the company’s success is built upon best-in-class email deliverability, detailed tracking, and the complete personalization of every page. Combining this proprietary system with experienced local representatives has made Vertical Raise the most effective fundraising platform available.

“Having been a head coach myself, I always wanted to provide more for the programs I was a part of, and fundraising was a big part of that effort,” says Keith Grabowski, host of Coach and Coordinator Podcast. “Any traditional fundraiser is a lot of work, but when you have a platform that can get to more people by harnessing technology, ultimately, it’s going to raise the amount of funds you are able to bring in.”

Why It Works

Fundraising through Vertical Raise has proven to raise more money in less time with less effort required of coaches. How? It’s simple – by reaching more people.

Because of its capacity for online credit card donations, Vertical Raise expands a fundraiser’s geographic reach beyond just the local community. Now players’ family members, friends, and anyone who wants to support the program from anywhere in the world can easily make donations, eliminating a traditional barrier to giving and diminishing donor fatigue in the local community.

“Leveraging technology platforms like Vertical Raise revolutionizes fundraising efforts,” Grabowski says. “By streamlining the donation process, reaching a broader audience, and reducing administrative burdens, coaches increase fundraising success and support the program’s financial needs effectively.”

Sandpoint High School Case Study

On a recent episode of Coach and Coordinator Podcast, Ryan Knowles, head coach at Sandpoint High School (a small school with just over 1,000 students) in Sandpoint, Idaho, shared his program’s success story with Vertical Raise.

We blew [the fundraiser] out of the water. We raised $150,000. The best year [Sandpoint] did without Vertical Raise was about $75,000, so we doubled that. Vertical Raise really took it to the next level.”

“We blew [the fundraiser] out of the water,” says Knowles. “We raised $150,000. The best year [Sandpoint] did without Vertical Raise was about $75,000, so we doubled that. Vertical Raise really took it to the next level.”

With the funds raised, the Sandpoint Bulldogs offer players and coaches the best equipment, uniforms, and even food. Every night during the season Monday through Friday, a group of moms feeds the team.

“I want to make sure that this program has what is best so every person within it can be their best, and we get the best results,” Knowles says.

10% Tool

At Coach and Coordinator, we believe in the power of Vertical Raise’s technology. So much so that we now designate Vertical Raise as our “official fundraising partner”, and we certify it as a 10% Tool for a 10% Coach.

“In looking at all the platforms that utilize technology, Vertical Raise has many advantages and benefits for a program,” says Grabowski. “I firmly believe in Vertical Raise as a tool that helps coaches.”

Fundraising is a requirement of this profession, and Vertical Raise helps bring results faster, and in greater amounts.

“Public schools have to fundraise,” adds Knowles. “Why not use the leader in the industry? Why not use the simplest approach, the one that requires the least out of the coaches?”CC Logo

A Special Offer for Coach and Coordinator Podcast Listeners: Mention Coach and Coordinator Podcast to receive 90% of funds raised (minus credit card fees) on donation-based fundraisers for your first year. To learn more, visit