Installing Procedures and Starting the In-Season Routine

Installing Procedures and Starting the In-Season Routine

Morgan Scalley and Jonathan Himebauch point out the details coaches need to execute when making the transition from camp to week 1, including how to practice well on the first day of school and how to clearly communicate the week 1 depth chart and expectations.

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“We take that first day of school day, and that’s when we’ll go over game day procedures… It makes for a pretty good next day practice.”
– Morgan Scalley

The end of camp brings a new approach to the day and week. Schedules adjust with classes starting, and the new routine and rhythm of game week begins.

In this episode, Morgan Scalley and Jonathan Himebauch cover how and when to install the details of game operations, as well as the importance of clear communication with players as depth charts and playing opportunities become set, at least for week one.

“As you get close to game day, you want to make your drills applicable to what they’re going to see on game day or what you’re going to ask them to do.”
– Jonathan Himebauch

Coaches Appearing in This Episode:

>Morgan Scalley (@RSNBUtes) is the defensive coordinator at the University of Utah.
>Jonathan Himebauch (@COACH_HIMEY) is the offensive line coach for the XFL champion Arlington Renegades.

Show Notes:

>Dealing with the First Day of School
>Installing Game Day Procedures
>Plan for Everything That Happens on Game Day
>Be Deliberate with Communication on the Depth Chart
>Adjusting Practices and Changing the Focus

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