Keys to Late-Season Focus and Motivation

Keys to Late-Season Focus and Motivation

Dan Carrel, Jordan Hogan, Jonathan Himebauch, and Tyler Roehl explore strategies to keep players motivated during the late season, whether your team is competing for a championship or struggling to salvage a disappointing season.

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As the late season tests the mettle of teams, it is crucial to implement strategies that keep players motivated and focused. By cultivating a strong team culture, focusing on short-term goals, and providing consistent support, you can create an environment where motivation thrives. Through these types of strategies, you ensure that your players finish the season strong, carrying their momentum into future successes regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard.

Coaches Featured in This Episode:

Dan Carrel, Co-Defensive Coordinator and LB Coach, Coastal Carolina
Jordan Hogan, Offensive Assistant, San Francisco 49ers
Jonathan Himebauch, Offensive Line Coach, Arlington Renegades
Tyler Roehl, Offensive Coordinator, North Dakota State

Show Notes:

>Emphasize Team Culture and Why Players Love the Game
>Maintain Motivation Through Strong Partnerships Between Coaches and Players
>Always Be Positive
>Start Meetings with Music and Casual Conversation
>Focus on Daily Wins
>Acknowledge Player Efforts
>Spend Time Together Outside the Practice Facility
>Be the Same Person Every Day>Have a Growth Mindset, Discipline, Accountability
>Be Supportive Rather Than Negative

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