Take the Team’s Mid-Season Temperature

Dan Carrel, Michael Toerper, and Steve Steele deliver ideas on how to evaluate team progress as the season midpoint and the things to focus on to be sure the back half of the season goes well.

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Bring the Juice! Setting the Tone for Camp

Siddiq Haynes, Dan Carrel, and Scotty Walden share how they bring energy and set the tone for the day. Whether it’s starting a meeting or creating drills and practice flows conducive to bringing the juice, coaching energy is contagious, and it’s important that it permeates throughout the entire program.

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Game Planning the Run Game – Chris Lorenti, Linebackers Coach, University of Rhode Island

In this Lauren’s First and Goal segment, Chris Lorenti gives an overview of Rhode Island’s game-planning process and the important questions they ask themselves when defending the run game.

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