Less Is More: Strategic Practice Management

Less Is More: Strategic Practice Management

Matt Drinkall, Pete Shinnick, and Kirk Fridrich delve into the importance of balancing practice intensity and recovery, cutting practice time, and utilizing technology to monitor player workload.

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As the season progresses, the talent or skill of a team does not solely determine success. Championship teams often maintain their health throughout the season and continuously improve their performance. As coaches, we play critical roles in ensuring our players remain in optimal condition. As we head into the later part of the season, strategic practice management becomes paramount.

Coaches Featured in This Episode:

Matt Drinkall, Co-Offensive Coordinator and OL Coach, Army
Pete Shinnick, Head Coach, Towson University
Kirk Fridrich, Head Coach, Union High School (OK)

Show Notes:

>Importance of Health and Improvement
>Practice Schedule and Schematic Changes
>Maximizing Recovery and Player Health
>Balancing Practice and Game Time for Players
>Cutting Time and Keeping the Team Fresh
>Trimming Practice Periods
>Efficient Practices and Shortening Periods
>Cutting Practice Time and Finding Efficiency
>Recovery Techniques and GPS Tracking
>Using GPS Data for Player Management
>Starting with GPS Technology and Analyzing Data
>Monitoring Top Speed and GPS Load

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