Postseason Evaluation and Evolution of Defense

Postseason Evaluation and Evolution of Defense

Eric Kasperowicz, Jason Bornn, John Rice, and Dante Bartee look at their data, determine what went well and what needs improvement, analyze personnel, and plan for research and development to evolve their defenses.

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As the season comes to a close, coaches face the critical task of evaluating the performance of their defense and deciding what to do next. This postseason evaluation is a crucial process that involves analyzing various aspects of the team’s defensive performance and preparing for the next season.

Coaches Featured in This Episode:

Eric Kasperowicz, Head Coach, Mars High School (PA)
Jason Bornn, Head Coach, Saugus High School (CA)
John Rice, Defensive Coordinator, San Jacinto High School (CA)
Dante Bartee, Analyst, University of Oregon

Show Notes:

>Analyzing Defensive Statistics
>Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses
>Adapting to Personnel and Adjustments for the Following Year
>Evaluating Big Plays, Tackling, and Hustle
>Providing Resources for Coaches to Self-Direct Their Offseason Learning
>Evaluating Teaching Methods
>Compatibility of New Defensive Calls within the Existing System

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