Be Where Your Feet Are-Matthew Powledge, Safeties and Special Teams Coach, Baylor University

On today’s podcast, Host Keith Grabowski is joined by Baylor Safeties and Special Teams Coach, Matthew Powledge. Coach Powledge joined Baylor in 2020, where he led a successful campaign on special teams that landed returner Trestan Ebner on four different All-American teams. Coach joined the podcast today to walk about his Coaching Journey as well as go over different aspect of his special teams units.

1:05 Coach’s Journey
2:40 The lessons that stuck with Coach the most, “Be Where Your Feet Are”
4:55 Difference between having goals and aspirations compared to constantly looking ahead
7:15 How Coaching Special teams and larger groups has helped him as coach
9:20 Making sure you reach outside your unit
10:45 Setting up his Kick Off Return Units
12:40 Approach towards taking the fair catch and touchbacks
14:17 Different types of returns they run
16:00 How they allot practice time towards KOR
17:55 Drills for frontline guys on KOR
19:55 Which type of personnel Coach looks for different spots in KOR
22:08 Techniques to avoid penalties on returns
25:24 Approach to Kickoff
27:30 Reliance on his gunners in Punt
29:42 Winning Edge