Best of Coach and Coordinator: Maximizing Tempo in Your Offense

Best of Coach and Coordinator: Maximizing Tempo in Your Offense

Tempo offense has been in the mainstream of football thinking for about a quarter of a century now, when guys like Randy Walker and Rich Rodriguez made it popular. But it remains, in many ways, an underutilized and under-coached aspect of an offensive attack.

This “best of” episode shares the ideas of 11 coaches on maximizing the advantages of tempo offense by how it is structured, the plays run with it, how it’s game planned, the mechanics of playing fast, and how it becomes engrained in culture.

Show Notes:

(1:22) Stress the Defense: Ian Shoemaker, Offensive Coordinator, University of Hawaii
(4:20) Create Multiplicity: Andy Kotelnicki, Offensive Coordinator, University of Kansas
(8:27) Understand the Officials’ Pace: Phil Longo, Offensive Coordinator, University of Wisconsin
(10:23) Make Defense Play Five Quarters: Brennan Marion, Passing Game Coord./WR Coach, University of Texas
(12:14) Deploy the Right Plays and Nomenclature: Noel Mazzone, Offensive Coordinator, New Orleans Breakers
(17:04) Teach the Mechanics: Keith Barefield, QB Coach, Incarnate Word
(22:57) Coach Tempo with the Offensive Line: Glen Elarbee, OL Coach, University of Tennessee
(26:05) Start Tempo in the Meeting Room: Cody Kennedy, OL Coach, University of Arkansas
(28:20) Practice Playing Fast: Jordan Neal, Head Coach, McMurry University
(33:40) Run Tempo with a Huddle: Matt Drinkall, TE Coach, Army
(35:05) Make Tempo Your Culture: James Clancy, Head Coach, Klein Cane High School (TX)

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